Elim U

Here at Elim, we are convinced that every follower of Jesus wants to grow in their relationship with Christ and make an impact for Him in their world. Often many of us get stuck on "HOW" to accomplish this. Elim U classes and Bible studies are meant to give you the tools you need to grow in Christ and to feel equipped for your God given purpose on the planet. Below you will find all the classes and Bible studies being offered during Elim U's Spring 2018 semester.

  • Sisterhood Bible StudyS // FALL 2018


  • The Wellspring for Moms // FALL 2018

    The Wellspring by Moms by Sisterhood We love our children, we cherish them deeply, but motherhood can be (IS) exhausting! At The Wellspring you will find a loving community of moms who support and encourage one another through good food and meaningful conversations. Whether you are a brand new mom or have school aged children, we invite you to join us Tuesday mornings to refresh yourself with quality coffee, a yummy brunch, and grow deeper with our ever loving God. Your child(ren) will be busy having fun through play and activities with our structured childcare program. Nursery will also be provided.


  • ELIM LEAD // Feb 24, mar 24, apr 28, may 26, june 23// Saturdays 9AM - 12PM

    We believe that every follower of Jesus should be the best leader in the room. No matter what industry, vocation or discipline you find yourself in the reality is that every organization rises and falls due to leadership. Leadership matters.

    Elim Lead is a way for you to invest in the health and effectiveness of your leadership. If you lead in any capacity within your organization or industry, Elim Lead is for you.

    From January to June we will talking about how to find and capitalize on your strengths. We will be helped by using strength expert Marcus Buckingham's "Trombone Player Wanted" video series and encouraging you to purchase his book "Stand Out 2.0: Assess Your Strengths, Find Your Edge, Win at Work" that comes with a code for you to take the "Stand Out: Strength Assessment." Taking this assessment is a pre- requirement before attending your first Elim Lead event.

    Register HERE today and get ready to take your leadership capacity to the next level.

  • ELIM 201 // FALL 2018

    Reading our Bible and praying daily are essential to growing spiritually.  However, what happens when reading your Bible becomes a chore and praying feels like you're speaking into empty space?  These are frustrating times for many of us and often we don't know how to overcome these feelings of being stalled and dissatisfied.  In Elim 201, Pastor Josh will be teaching about how to rekindle a love for God's Word and prayer, as well as give you the resources/methods you need to go deeper in your study of the Bible and to hear from the Holy Spirit in a fresh way.


  • Elim 301 // FALL 2018

    This course is designed to help you find your place within the body and help guide you to hear the Holy Spirit's direction for how you are to have kingdom impact in our world. Find out which spiritual gifts the Lord has placed in you for the encouragement of the church.


  • elim 401 // june 7 - 28, 2018 // Thursdays @ 7pm

    "Evangelism" and "Missions" are words that may seem intimidating to us. Where do we start? What are the differences between the world's religions? How do I start a conversation about Christ with my friends and family? This course aims to answer these and other questions you may have about sharing your faith.

    Register HERE or sign up at the Information Centre at one of our weekend services.

  • ELIM 101 // june 24, 2018 @ 7pm

    We were designed to be a part of a church family. A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes and commitment. At Elim, we want to share about who we are and what we believe. That's why we offer Elim 101. Pastor Josh leads this overview of Elim's history, beliefs, purpose, strategy, ministries and future. Following the class, you will have an opportunity to apply for membership.

    Register HERE or sign up at the Information Centre at one of our weekend services.