We are currently hosting watch parties at Elim Church on Sundays at 10:15am. 

If you are feeling sick or are medically vulnerable please continue to join us online.  Parents of young children are encouraged to continue to join us online or at a home based watch party as there is no children’s programming onsite.  Each gathering will be hosted by one of our Pastors and is an opportunity to participate in the online service with up to 30 people.  

If you would like to join us:

1. SIGN UP BELOW or call the church office during office hours. 

We’ll need to know how many family members are coming so we can set up rooms appropriately.  

2. CHOOSE YOUR ZONE .  Please note: Overall we have 6 zones available but will be opening up zones as they fill up. We have lots of seats available even if it appears that there are just a few spots left. 

Zones will open in this order...

Atrium – Main Entrance

Auditorium – Entrance A 

Chapel Lounge – Entrance E

Entrance C Area – Entrance C

Choir/Lecture  - Entrance D
Room 7/8 – Entrance B

Click here for map of church zones

3. ARRIVE ON TIME.  Doors open at 10 am.  Please be seated by 10:10am.  Café Oasis is not open so bring your own coffee!

4. OBSERVE PROVINCIAL GUIDELINES for social distancing, hand washing and interaction.  There is signage to direct you and we’ll do our part in sanitizing and keeping spaces clean.  Provincial guidelines discourage singing while gathered. If you choose to sing, it is recommended that you wear a mask.

The Provincial Guidelines can be viewed here.