Sisterhood presents:

Zoe Identity Course

We are so excited to be launching a NEW course called ZOE: Identity! 

We see it all the time, capable and gifted women who continually undervalue their gifts and abilities. When approached to lead or try new things, women back away, thinking they do not have "what it takes". How many dreams or endeavors are unrealized because of this lack of confidence?

ZOE Discipleship courses speak truth and confidence to women about who they are and what they are created for. The ZOE Course is sectioned into 4 parts, Identity, Relate, Together, and Sent. The first being "Identity" which is part one in discovering who you are as well as recognizing your strengths and how to learn to lead from them. This identity course will help you to understand yourself better and how all of this works together with God's purpose and destiny for your life and challenge you to grow and be bold to step out into new things that God is calling you into!

This course has seen women BLOOM and step into their potential and gifting with confidence and a clearer understanding of who they are in Jesus.

If this sounds like a course that you would love to be a part of, no matter how young or old you are, no matter your vocation, or journey in life, ZOE:Identity is available for ANY woman who is seeking for more. We would love to have you join us!

Elim will be offering this course starting February 20, 2020! This course has very limited spots, as it needs to provide room for more close and intimate discussion time within a small group setting. Only 20 spots available! 

Registration for this course is now closed! Please check back for more info on when a new registration will be open again! Thank you to all who have signed up for this semester!


The link for this is for sign up ONLY. Once you have registered through this link, you will be personally contacted by Kristina Rogers who will send you a personalized link to make your payment online for the ZOE course. You must include your email address! Once you receive your personalized email from Kristina, please be sure to read all instructions carefully to make sure your enrolment is complete. If you have any questions please email Kristina HERE.