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Here at Elim, we are convinced that every follower of Jesus wants to grow in their relationship with Christ and make an impact for Him in their world. Often many of us get stuck on "HOW" to accomplish this. Elim U classes and Bible studies are meant to give you the tools you need to grow in Christ and to feel equipped for your God given purpose on the planet. Below you will find all the classes and Bible studies being offered during Elim U's Fall 2017 semester.

  • Elim 101 // OCTOBER 15, 2017 @ 7PM

    We were designed to be part of a church family.  A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes and commitment.  Join Pastor Josh as he shares who we are and what we believe at Elim.

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  • Building a Family Legacy // Oct 4th- oct 25TH, 2017 // WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8PM

    If you're a parent, you know how busy and taxing life can get. Between getting the kids to their extra curricular activities and trying to keep your marriage afloat there doesn't seem to be much time to do much else. Yet, even in the midst of the business, God calls spouses and parents to create homes that honour and represent him well. On Wednesday nights through the month of October, Pastor Matt Jaggers will be helping those who attend this series to ask some hard questions that will lead to a deepened passion to invest in the relationships that truly matter. Through this series that is based on Dr. Dobson's bestselling books, we hope that the content and discussion from this class will help families of all ages and stages.

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  • Freedom From Anxiety // Oct 5th- Nov9th, 2017 // THURSDAYS 7-8:30PM

    Do you feel consumed with worry and are unable to cope with the stress of life? Do you feel you need more skills to cope with anxious thoughts or feelings? Begin the journey towards freedom from anxiety with Stephanie Danger (Christian Counselling Services) in this six week group which will explore anxiety using an integration of Christian faith and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Using psychoeducation, group discussion, and worksheets we will:

    1) Define anxiety and anxiety disorders

    2) Explore symptoms and causes of anxiety from a holistic perspective (biological, psychological, social and spiritual)

    3) Create foundation of self-care that will maintain long-term wellness

    4) Using both spiritual and CBT principles teach coping tools such as relaxation, thought monitoring and challenging, transforming mistaken beliefs, boundaries and assertiveness and communicating needs to others.

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  • Reason for Faith // Oct 15th-Nov 19th, 2017 // SUNDAYS 6:30-8:30PM

    Answering the Questions Teens are asking and Parents! Join Ken Wiebe for this six week series for parents/adults addressing the difficult questions commonly asked by our culture. You will have the opportunity to submit your own questions, in addition to these:

    -Are SCIENCE and the BIBLE at odds?

    -How do you know that what you believe is TRUE?

    -Why should we trust the Bible?

    -Is there only one way to God?

    -If God is good, then why is there evil and suffering?

    There will be an interactive presentation followed by questions and discussion. A resource pack will be provided to all participants.

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  • Fathered by God // Oct 19TH- Nov 23RD, 2017 // THURSDAYS 7-8PM

    There is a path leading to authentic manhood, cut by men who have gone before us, sons following in the footsteps of their fathers, generation after generation. There are perils along the trail, even disasters?all the more reason to rely on the guidance of a Father who has gone before. But in an age when true fathers are in short supply, how do you find the path to manhood? How do you steer clear of the dangers? Pastor Josh will be leading the journey this group into discovering what is true biblical masculinity.

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  • Sisterhood Bible Study // Sept 14th- Oct 19th, 2017 // THURSDAYS @ 10AM

    SACRED SECRETS  by Beth Moore

    The word secrets might evoke feelings of shame, guilt, or even fear. But not all secrets are bad. Study the theology of secrets with Beth Moore in this 6-session study. Some secrets need forgiveness, and some should be kept between you and God. Sacred Secrets is for busy women who do not have time for an in-depth study; however it does not lack richness or quality. Discussion potential abounds without any expectation of revealing private information. Join Beth to find out what happens when we let God teach us "wisdom in the secret heart" (Psalm 51:6, ESV). 

    Leader: Tanya Wiebe

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  • Sisterhood Bible Study // Starts Sept 29th, 2017 // Fridays @ 7PM

    THE ARMOUR OF GOD by Priscilla Shirer

    All day, every day, an invisible war rages around you - unseen, unheard, yet felt throughout every aspect of your life. A devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you: your heart, your mind, your marriage, your children, your relationships, your resilience, your dreams, your destiny. But his battle plan depends on catching you unaware and unarmed. If you're tired of being pushed around and caught with your guard down, The Armor of God study is for you. The enemy always fails miserably when he meets a woman dressed for the occasion. The Armor of God, more than merely a biblical description of the believer's inventory, is an action plan for putting it on and developing personalized strategy to secure victory. (7 sessions) The study will be led by Betty Mutwiri, Chantal Banda and Josephine Nsimire.

    Leader: Betty Mutwiri

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  • Sisterhood Bible Study // Oct 1st- Dec 10th, 2017 // SUNDAYS @ 6:30PM

    JESUS THE ONE AND ONLY by Beth Moore

    Based primarily on the Book of Luke, this study is a careful examination of the life of Christ. You will be introduced to to an intimate Savior as you get a close-up and personal portrait of the life of Jesus the Messiah. You'll see Jesus come to a funeral and raise the dead, confront conniving religious leaders, teach on a hillside, and even walk on the waves.

    Leader: Shelly Kent

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  • The Wellspring for Moms // STARTS Oct 3rd, 2017

    The Wellspring by Moms by Sisterhood We love our children, we cherish them deeply, but motherhood can be (IS) exhausting! At The Wellspring you will find a loving community of moms who support and encourage one another through good food and meaningful conversations. Whether you are a brand new mom or have school aged children, we invite you to join us Tuesday mornings to refresh yourself with quality coffee, a yummy brunch, and grow deeper with our ever loving God. Your child(ren) will be busy having fun through play and activities with our structured childcare program. Nursery will also be provided. Session Details! Online Registration begins September 1 at 8:00 am. Theme: Ann Voskamp’s book “ 1000 Gifts “ through video series, study guide and table discussions. When : Tuesday mornings October 3rd – November 28th . ( Excluding October 31 ) 9:15-11:15am Registration is $50 which includes childcare, brunch and “1000 Gifts” Study Guide. If you don’t require childcare the cost is $40. Moms will be assigned to bring a breakfast item one Tuesday during the session.

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  • Motives // NOV 9th- NOV 23rd, 2017 // THURSDAYS 7-8:30PM

    Motives by Greg and Chantel Denie is a three-session workshop brought to you by Mirror Mirror YXE for guys and girls! The sessions are designed to strengthen the leadership of youth and young adults. Greg is an artist, motivational speaker and director of Legacy 1 and will be facilitating these workshops with his wife Chantel. Trying to understand ourselves in one thing, trying to understand what motivates others is something completely different. During these workshops, Greg and Chantel Denie will work with teens and young adults to help them understand their motivational DNA. The reason they think the way they do, what motivates them to excel, what frustrates them and how they can learn to understand others. This workshop will include interactive teaching, and insightful personality and gifting tests. The sessions will help young leaders discover new tools in understanding what they have to offer within their schools, workplaces and communities and how to do it with confidence and excellence. For more information about Greg and Chantel and their visit http://www.gregdenie.com

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    Discover how to parent your kids and teens effectively in a culture that is submersed in social media and broken relationships. You will be given vital parenting tools to engage your children in conversation and equip them to understand God's will for their lives.  You are invited to join us with our guest presenters Kim & Darlene Unrau.

    Kim and Darlene have been married over 30 years, which has required learning to communicate, resolve conflict, prefer one another and laugh until it hurts.  They have three incredible sons:  Matthew is pursuing kingdom business, Joel has a teaching degree and Jordan beat us all to heaven.  Their journey with Jordan is blogged at www.jordanshealing.blogspot.com.

    While Kim's degree is in theology, he has founded Inspired Life Training (www.inspiredlifetraining.com), turning his years of experience to become a counselor providing family, individual, couple and executive coaching and training.

    Darlene's  degree is in education, majoring in counselling.  She developed True To You (www.truetoyouokanagan.com), an abstinence-based program.  She has had incredible opportunities to provide presentations to students from grades 6 to college age in schools and other organizations.  Teaching and training parents to converse with their children regarding adolescent development is her passion.  They are the ones having 1000 little conversations instead of the one "big talk" about healthy relationships and healthy sexuality as God intended.

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